You may want to rethink buying that budget 4K television:

If you’re like most people and you like saving money on that budget television you might want to pay a little extra for that new 4K television. Basically the budget 4K television is missing very noticeable performance differences. The first is the overall picture brightness. Top performing televisions are between 600-1000 nits of brightness. 1 nit is as bright as one candle. Most budget televisions are only 100-300 nits. A sunset, explosion, or reflection from a chrome bumper may look mediocre at best and not as real as the television with the higher brightness. Also the better 4K television has the ability to produce more colors. A budget television is around 16-17 million colors whereas the better 4K television can display 1 billion colors, a difference the human eye can definitely see. All of these specifications are closely related to the buzz word HDR or (High Dynamic Range). All of these factors become even more important as all major streaming companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple, Hulu, Netflix, and even YouTube currently offer hundreds of hours in 4K HDR with more on the way. So when it comes to making your buying decision, make sure you stop by our showroom and talk to one of our experts. We will get you the best product for your desired results!

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