The real reason your Wi-Fi sucks.

So if you keep getting that spinning wheel of death as your Netflix stream stops or that last web page will not finish loading, you’re not alone. The most common reason is due to noise and interference. If you live close to neighbors with Wi-Fi as most of us do then you may be on the same wireless channel causing each Wi-Fi network to compete and neither one wins. Moving your wireless router, booster, or access point to a wireless channel with less noise will help improve the issue. You may have to experiment with different channels or use an app to find the least amount of competing wireless in your area. The other solution is moving your wireless router, booster, and/or access point closer to your devices. With most wireless routers installed possibly in the basement this makes it difficult to send and receive network traffic. Also most people are unaware that less expensive wireless routers, access points, boosters, etc have very poor wireless radios. This makes it difficult to send information and most important listen to your mobile devices, tablets, computers, etc. This is how manufactures keep cost down. Basically they are built with cheap radios that have a lot of internal noise and have a hard time with more than one device. They prey on your inability to comprehend the difference from the $100 wireless router and the $500 wireless router. So you buy the $100 version not knowing as you feel the $500 version is just overpriced. A good home network has become almost more important than keeping the lights on so why would you skimp on something that important? Always remember, professional installation and setup is the other half of the Wi-Fi equation. We have a couple of the best trained, certified guys in the area and would love to make your home network live up to your demands!

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