Why Not AMS?

Almost 14 years ago, AMS entered the Home Entertainment business with enthusiastic support from numerous manufacturers. They knew that AMS would engage in the Audio/Video business with the same installation and service orientated approach that has set us apart from the competition in Mobile Electronics for over 30 years. Dedicated, trained, and experienced people who design, install, and program our products to be predictably reliable, provide higher performance, without spending any more than you would somewhere else.

So, why not AMS? Why not buy your TV or projection system from AMS when it costs the same and it’s installed and calibrated better? Why not buy your supporting audio from someone who is trained on how to place, position, mount, and tune it to your room using some of the best speakers in the business? Indoors or out? Why not automate your entire home or just the areas you would like? Upgrade your WiFi using our certified technicians so your automation really works. Have AMS handle your entire project so we can stand behind the entire project.

Whether you’re remodeling, adding on, or building new, or if you simply want to update the place you’ve been living for so long, Why not AMS? And if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, definitely AMS. For every component, speaker, wire, connector, and related accessory required, we can send you home with everything you need to make your project a success.

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