Why you REALLY need a Remote Car Starter

“I just want to start my car in the driveway in the morning”. I’ve heard it a million times from people trying to get the least expensive remote starter possible. Sure, you want to save money, but you don’t want to end up with the least useful remote starter possible. That would be a waste of money at any price.

Winter in Wisconsin means looking forward to a White Christmas. Snow skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skating. Basketball and Hockey season, Football playoffs and watching sports and movies on television in a cozy spot at home. We’re a hardy bunch that enjoys 4 seasons. Winter also means climbing into an ice-cold car to get to work and back, dinner out, kids activities and sports events, and our everyday shopping and grocery getting. We have to get into a freezing cold car, clear the windows inside and out, everywhere we go.

A Remote Starter from AMS takes the edge off of winter in a big way! Arriving at a car that’s already warming up makes for easier clearing of the windows and a comfortable “ahhhhh” when you climb in and drive away. In some vehicles we are able to turn on Rear Window Defrost and/or Seat Heaters, and it’s actually good for the car to warm up the engine before driving off.

AMS can make sure you have the range you need. AMS and Compustar together offer one-way and two-way single and multi-button remote controls with range from 3,000 feet to 3 miles. We also offer Smart Phone interface for those places and times a conventional remote would not apply, or you simply don’t want to carry another remote. AMS can help you choose the correct way to control the car without giving up any of the convenience or security you already have. AMS will provide you a predictably reliable installation that doesn’t compromise your vehicle’s warranty.

Do you ever worry about your kids out working late hours while they’re in school? Studying late out of town? Do you have an elderly family member that needs the comfort and convenience of a remote starter while running errands? Do you know someone who works all hours of the night and day, and parks far from the office? Do you like to take the family pet along when running errands but can’t on the hottest and coldest days? Ever have to run to Walgreens at 8:30 on a Sunday night for medicine? There are so many reasons to buy a remote starter that is designed around your lifestyle, or to give as an incredible gift for someone you care about. Our customers often comment, “why did I wait so long?”, and “I’ll never be without remote start again”.

Compustar remote starters from AMS are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the primary electronics and installation, to the original purchaser on the original vehicle they are installed. Remote controls can be covered for up to 3 years. With coverage like that, it’s unlikely you’ll ever spend another dime on your system. Enjoy the winter.

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