Think about a scary movie with no soundtrack, or a Sci-Fi thriller with no sound effects. Sound is half the experience and often misunderstood. It comes down to basic physics.  Small poorly designed loudspeakers with poor materials leads to a poor overall experience.  AMS takes pride in selecting the finest speakers for the most accurate sound reproduction.

Brands supported: URC, Vantage,etc

Surround receivers:

  Most notably the heart of any audio/video system is the modern-day surround receiver as it has to perform many tasks. Not only does the surround receiver need to power several speakers but also switch high speed video, connect to WiFi, and offer surround sound processing beyond what older systems can only dream of. Therefore, make sure you speak to one of our professionals to get the correct receiver for your system.

Brands offered: Sony ES, Yamaha, Marantz, Denon, NAD, Onkyo


For the professional cinema experience a separate Preamplifier/Processor can deliver much greater performance than most surround receivers. Due to isolated power supplies for lower noise and better D to A convertors (digital to Analog) or DAC’s most pre-pro processors can outperform even the best surround receivers as long as they are paired with an equivalent amplifier(s).

Brands offered: Marantz, NAD Masters, and Acurus.

Wireless Audio:

Most of us are familiar with Bluetooth speakers and they are perfect for the quick one room setup, however, to experience a true whole music experience Wi-Fi based wireless speakers are the preferred choice. With much greater range, better sound quality, and the ability to link rooms or other areas of the home together the advantages are endless.

Contact AMS today and allow us to help make a wireless music experience that works for you.

Brands offered: Sonos, Naim, YamahaMusicCast, Denon HEOS, Bluesound,Dynaudio, etc.

Streaming Audio Devices:

In the realm of the digital world most of us rely on music from streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, SiriusXM, Tidal, Deezer, and many others. With so many choices the question on most people’s mind is how can I get this into my Hi-Fi system. Allow the experts at AMS to help show you the differences and options to open the gateway to music.

Brands offered: Marantz, Denon, Bluesound, NAD, Sonos, HEOS, Music Cast, etc.



Most likely the key component for a great sounding turntable is the phono preamplifier. This device takes the very weak signals from your turntable and amplifies them to accommodate most modern HiFi or surround sound systems. Depending on your turntable of choice you may need a MC (moving coil) or the more common MM (moving magnet) system to match with your new turntable. Keep in mind some of the cheaper turntables have a phone preamp built-in preventing you from making any sound upgrades down the road. On another note an inexpensive turntable can also damage your prized vinyl collection gouging out your record so don’t skimp on quality.

Brands offered:  Pro-Ject, NAD.


With the rise of vinyl over the past decade and over 33 million vinyl records pressed each year it’s no wonder we see more requests for better turntables. The vinyl pressed today is better than years ago. It also heavier to keep resonance down and improve sound quality. Its quieter and todays mastering has also greatly improved. Allow the experts at AMS to help with your new turntable purchase and setup. We have all the tools and knowledge to make your new vinyl spinner sound the best it can.

Brands offered: Pro-Ject, Marantz Reference, NAD, Denon, Sony.

Floor Standing Tower Speakers:

More similar to a musical instrument we again turn back to the laws of physics. Larger instruments most notably have deeper tones and are fuller bodied. Today’s modern tower speakers are more like works of art or nice furniture blending in much better with the room décor. At AMS we have selected the very best. In fact, most or our brands are honored at the worlds finest HiFi shows.  The Focal speaker brand pictured below has been used by DTS, Dolby Labs, and Apple in mixing and audition rooms. Stop in at AMS to talk about the many options available.

Brands offered: Focal, Dynaudio, PSB, Definitive Tech.


Short for Digital to Analog Convertor the DAC is built-in on most surround receivers, wireless speakers, etc. Therefore, why would anyone want to buy one separately if they already own one? The answer is as always better sound. Most internal DAC’s are very basic to keep the manufacturing cost lower. A premium external DAC can deliver greater resolution and detail from recordings due to higher sampling rates, less digital jitter and clock noise. This results in a smooth sounding recording and not harsh, distorted, or compressed.

Brands offered: Pro-Ject, NAD, Marantz Reference, NAIM.

Bookshelf Speakers:

The name says it all. Ultra-compact, stylish, but not to be underestimated the bookshelf speaker has been the staple of HiFi in rooms that just won’t allow a larger floor standing tower speaker.  One of our best sounding bookshelf speakers is from Dynaudio. Used in many professional recording studios worldwide including Abbey Road studios in the UK its no wonder they are the reference for artists and recording engineers alike.

Brands offered: Dynaudio, Focal, PSB, Definitive Tech.

In-ceiling/In-wall speakers:

For the true sound concealment in-wall and in-ceiling speakers offer that clean look without the clutter. From the simple in-wall speaker to the almost hidden architectural speakers and yes invisible. They come in all shapes sizes as well as performance levels. Simply treat your in-ceiling speakers like room lighting. If its not overhead its not easily heard.  Speak with an AMS specialist when planning out your new project. We can help with design and proper placement, and yes, we can also help with the DIY project too.

Brands offered: Sonance, Focal, Dynaudio, PSB, Definitive Tech, JL Audio.

Powered Subwoofers:

The most important part of any audio system is the subwoofer. Keep in mind as speakers get smaller, they also lose the lower end of sound. Every octave lower in sound the loudspeaker needs to move back and forth 4 times further. This puts an enormous amount of stress on small speakers and can lead to failure and disappointing sound. Allow AMS to show you the difference as you won’t be disappointed.

Brands offered: JL Audio, Defintive Tech, REL Acoustics, Sonance.








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