Custom Installation

Considered the backbone of our business, custom installation and proper programming of today’s electronics is the primary reason we remain in the business. No matter what you drive, our staff has the ability to correctly disassemble your vehicle and expertly integrate our components, then reassemble the vehicle to its original integrity. This is crucial to providing predictably reliable performance backed by our limited lifetime installation warranty. 

The AMS installation team knows their way around cars, trucks, and SUV’s. We work on collectors and hot-rods, exotics and not-so-exotics. Boats, motorcycles and ATV’s with an occasional RV too. They understand the way these vehicles are put together inside and out, and how they are controlled, including the advanced digital makeup of so many of today’s vehicles. Our staff is experienced working and fabricating with plastics, wood, fiberglass, metal, and a variety of finishing materials including carpet and vinyl. They know audio too so once an installation is complete, system tuning takes sound quality to its highest potential.

All this experience, skill, and knowledge, means you will receive the highest performance within your budget. You can choose a very custom appearance, or elect to retain the original look of whatever it is you drive. Now more than ever, Custom installation and programming remains the most important component you can buy. AMS, where you just can’t beat the system.






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 In compliance with the "Safer At Home" order, AMS is currently closed. For the safety of our staff and customers, the store is temporarily shut down. We, like you, want this Pandemic safely behind us as quickly as possible. We urge everyone to do the right thing in order to limit the spread of this virus and promote getting our lives closer to normal soon.

We also know that we have served many thousands of customers over many years. If you have a service issue impacting the normal use of your vehicle, or a network issue impacting your ability to work from home, and the product was purchased from AMS, please call 608-274-7400 or email This will be checked Monday through Friday.
As for better times ahead, contact us now to plan your upcoming projects with our Mobile Electronics and Home Audio/Video departments.

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