Radar and Laser Detection and Protection

Why do I need this? A radar/laser detection system is not sold as a license to speed. It is a product that can protect you from unwanted fines and increases in your insurance premiums. It can help you protect your drivers license, especially if you log a great deal of windshield time. The more miles you log, the more chance you’re going to fall into a speed trap or miss a change in speed limit as you travel the back roads. A quality detection system can heighten your awareness of these changes if enforcement is there. Let’s face it, if you drive a Muscle car or an Exotic car, your premiums are bad enough. You do not receive as much forgiveness as the mini-van with the travel box on top. Being a bit of a target can be extremely expensive.

Radar is still commonly used for enforcement as it can be used from a stationary position or while on the go. Enforcement can be somewhat hidden away, moving toward you, or coming up from behind you. Laser must be used from a stationary line-of-sight position. In the simplest terms, radar is usually detected by your device well before enforcement has enough signal to “clock” your speed. Laser on the other hand is pretty much instant. Radar tends to have a great deal of “splash and spill” as where the laser beam is about 3 feet in diameter or less depending on distance of the source. Once aimed into the front of your vehicle, a laser gun will “clock” your speed almost instantly when they pull the trigger.

AMS sells and installs Escort Radar and Laser Detection systems. Escort engineers the best systems we know of. From portable detectors to fully remote installed products, Escort provides the most predictable longest range Radar alerts with the fewest false signals by utilizing an all digital platform for detection. Escort’s top models are shipped with approximately 90% of the known radar frequencies used in today’s vehicles for collision avoidance. Because the Radar Receiver is digital, it can identify the exact microwave frequency it is picking up and ignore it or report it. This means a lot less false alerts and a much more confident reaction to an enforcement alert. Also included in the top models is a GPS based defender database that comes pre-loaded with the known locations of red light and speed cameras. You can also manually “mark” a speed trap or lock out a known false signal and receive an audible and visual reminder each time you pass through that same location. This GPS based database also has a learning system that identifies false alerts and eventually ignores them making your drive quieter over time.

Escort engineers a Laser detection device called a laser shifter. These small sensors are installed in the grille of your vehicle and detect laser enforcement at the point of attack. Not only is the use of laser reported to you directly from the target area, a counter signal is outputted to block the ability to “clock” your speed. Yes, this is legal in the state of Wisconsin and can be switched to “detect only” for compliance in places where it is not permitted. This is the only way to protect yourself from laser enforcement. Laser enforcement is rarely used on the back of the vehicle but it is possible under certain circumstance. Laser shifters can be installed on the rear of your vehicle as well as a second radar receiver with the remote installed product.

 For the ultimate installation, we offer accessories from BlendMount, Radar Mirror, and Mid-City Engineering. Blendmount manufactures custom machined brackets for installation of portable detectors that are vehicle specific and locate the detector right below your rear-view mirror. Radar Mirror customizes the factory auto dimming mirror for many different vehicles “ghosting” the remote detection display behind the mirror. Mid-City Engineering products provide interfacing to Mercedes vehicles for control of remote detectors. 








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