Commercial Audio/Video:

With the workplace environment constantly evolving we offer several solutions to keep you on track. From the simple huddle room to the large venue display it all starts with professional planning and design. The ultimate result is a reliable easy to use solution for your place of business. Contact us for the proper planning and installation to deliver your desired results.

Brands supported: URC, Vantage,etc

Wireless Presentation:

If you are constantly tripping over cords or your laptop has the wrong video connection your solution is here. With advanced wireless systems from AMS you can now allow your Mac or PC to send a wireless presentation to your flat panel television or projector system from a single USB port. From the single computer to several we offer multiple solutions.

Brands supported: Barco, Techlogix


From the large motorized screen system to the small huddle room flat panel we offer all solutions: If you desire a multiple panel display system or perhaps a large projection screen system with ambient light rejecting, we can help.

Brands supported: DaLite, Screen Innovations, LG commercial, SONY, EPSON, Vivatek, Samsung.

Sound Masking:

A true sound masking system is more than just a white noise machine in the corner of an office area. Most white noise machines can be annoying as well as distracting. A properly installed sound masking system is equalized to match human speech and has more even coverage for a less distracting experience. This allows for greater productivity due to speech privacy. Let us design and install your new sound masking system to improve your workplace environment.

Brands supported: Atlas Sound

Live Video Capture/PTZ cameras:

If you want to capture that unique presentation for yourYoutubechannel,  orFacebook. Or maybe it’s just for the archives we have the solution. With multiple PTZ (point tilt zoom) cameras to choose from and a video capture device from AV Pro Edge you can record and upload your events.

Brands supported: PTZ Optics, AV Pro Edge


Wireless Microphones:

Wireless microphones are offered in several varieties. From the simple handheld mic to multiple user microphone systems we offer all versions. On another note most people are unaware of the new FCC ruling as frequencies in the 617-652 and 663-698 frequency range must stop by July 13th, 2020. We can help you plan for the future to avoid problems in regards to this new ruling.

Brands supported: Clear One, Shure

70V/100V Distributed Audio:

Similar to how power lines work, a 70V/100V system can allow your speaker signals to travel very long distances without the need for large cabling. A simple transformer- based speaker and amplifier setup can solve this problem. The key is all in the design. Allow our professional team to design the properly balanced system.

Brands supported: Atlas Sound, Sonance

Conference Table Integration/Control:

If you’re still fumbling with cables across the room creating a workplace hazard, or you just want that clean professional huddle room or collaboration look and feel we have options.

Brands supported: FSR, Snap AV, Techlogix, AV Pro, etc


Without control and automation, the most expensive audio/video system becomes unusable. Allow AMS to offer easy to use solutions for your commercial project.

Brands supported: URC commercial

Speakers in-ceiling/surface mount/Pendant:

With every unique business a unique sound solution is needed for speaker placement or the application. We offer several solutions, colors and styles to fit your needs and deliver the best sound for the environment. Contact our professionals for the best solution and design.

Brands supported: Atlas sound, Sonance, JBL professional

Large display video walls:

If your meeting space or showroom will not allow for light control or you simply want to display information from multiple sources, we have you covered. A video or window wall solution is the best option.

Brands supported: AV Pro Edge, LG commercial, Techlogix

Speakers studio monitor/Professional:

If your starting your own in-home recording studio or just want the best for reference sound for your business we have the best. We offered the world’s best such as Focal professional and Dynaudio professional brands used in recording studios such as the famous Abbey Road studios, Dolby Labs, Apple, DTS, and many more.

Brands supported: Focal Professional, Dynaudio Professional








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